So Watt decided he would help as much as he can.

Head coach Sean McDermott raised some uncertainty about Taylor’s status, saying earlier in the week that it was “up in the air” as to whether he’d play Sunday. Fifth-round rookie Nathan Peterman would’ve gotten the start if Taylor wasn’t cleared to play.

The team announced Tuesday that T.J. Yates will go an injured reserve, leaving recently acquired Joe Webb as the only other option after Taylor and Peterman. Getting Taylor back in time for the opener is a big relief for the Bills.

Watt tweeted a video in which he talked about the storm and the horrific flooding and damage in Houston:

“It’s very difficult, not only because we have family and friends back there,” Watt said. “Some guys have young kids. Some guys have wives and families. But that’s our city. It’s very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help.”

Of course, Fisher was fired in December last year, and Dickerson said he was willing to attend Rams games again. “I’ll go to a game, of course I will. I said I wouldn’t go back as long as Jeff Fisher is coach so I’ll go back to a game.”

Now that Fisher is out, and everything appears to be good and well Cheap Queensland Jerseys between him and the Rams, Dickerson can retire a Ram. Even if he Cheap Reversible Basketball Jerseys did go into the Hall of Fame 18 years ago.

It wasn’t an unexpected result: Mitrione entered the night as the slight betting favorite. But it would have been unfathomable just eight or so years ago, before Mitrione and others blazed a trail for former football players to try their hand at mixed martial arts.

the Raiders used their second round pick on Derek Carr.

The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up the preseason Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans. Alex Smith has already been named the Week 1 starting quarterback and didn’t play in this game, so first-round rookie Patrick Mahomes got the start.

Mahomes played the entire first half and shredded the Titans’ secondary with some absolutely beautiful rainbow passes. Here’s his first big highlight of the game.

He puts some seasoned ground beef in the shell, loads it up with delicious, imaginary toppings, and gently places the pretend taco in each teammate’s hands.

Our only critique of Charlton’s taco-making is that he didn’t give his teammates anything to drink. They’re definitely going to be thirsty, and Charlton also has an endorsement from Big Red soda. There’s a missed opportunity.

Setting aside the lack of Big Red, Charlton seems to have some natural talent for taco-making. If things don’t work out in the NFL for Charlton — and right now they’re looking like they Cheap Jerseys NHL will — perhaps he could be a taco chef instead.

In 2014, the Raiders used their second round pick on Derek Carr. Usually you Cheap Jerseys Mastercard would figure that means a team has a player in their plans, but Carr wasn’t so sure about that.

He had made his first start in the team’s final preseason game that year against the Seattle Seahawks, throwing for three touchdowns on 11 of 13 passes with a near perfect 152.1 passer rating.

Domantas Sabonis is a well-regarded prospect

Victor Oladipo is a nice young player, and Domantas Sabonis is a well-regarded prospect. But the chance to nab multiple first-round picks, one of the best contracts in the NBA in Crowder, and a high-character stopgap guard in Bradley is better under every scenario.

If you’re rebuilding, those picks are better assets than Sabonis, who struggled as a rookie. (This is to say nothing of how Markelle freaking Fultz would have helped your rebuild along.)

Neither of these slash lines is good. Jordan, at 31, was already past the typical prime age for a hitter when he entered the sport. Tebow, at 29, was right around the end of it, as most research pegs a hitter’s peak between his age-26 and 29 seasons. Both were seven or eight years older than the average competition at their levels, but because of baseball aging curves, it’s not clear that either had a Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap huge advantage in that regard.

Because Jordan played two levels above Tebow — not to mention in a different era and run-scoring environment — a definitive comparison of their abilities is impossible. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take a stab at one.

To do that, I asked ESPN’s Dan Szymborski, a sabermetrician, about a major league translation of Jordan’s ‘94 numbers and Tebow’s ‘17 numbers in Low-A. The question: How would either have fared in the majors? I posed it to him right after Tebow got a surprising call up to High-A and then Youth Cheap Jerseys went deep in his first game at that level. Szymborski was kind enough to run the numbers.

Say hello to Russell Westbrook’s new friend

A few days after the Rockets put Chris Paul alongside James Harden, another West team added a star player to its core. The Thunder, never rumored as a factor, won the Paul George sweepstakes! It cost OKC just Victor Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis. It results in Russell Westbrook and Paul George teaming up to attempt to chop down the Rockets, Spurs, and — yes — the Golden State Warriors.

Using strategy to preserve timeouts for late in games will be key for coaches like Stevens. We might see weird timeouts with 3:30 or 3:15 left on the clock in the fourth quarter, just to get an extra possession to score. They’ll find a way around it, but it’s still something they’ll have to Soccer Cheap Jerseys maneuver.

Toward the end of his career, Duncan became famous for taking a pay cut to keep the Spurs together. Back in 2015, Duncan took an $8 million pay cut to keep the Spurs from out of the luxury tax while signing Lamarcus Aldridge. He also cut his salary from $21 million to $10 million in 2012 to allow the Spurs to easily keep their depth.

Initial reports said Durant would be willing to take a Wholesale Cheap Jerseys slight pay cut, but Kerr said no one expected it to be this much.

The implications on the roster are obvious. Because of Durant’s gesture, the Warriors retained Andre Iguodala and Shaun Livingston — one of those two players were expected to leave, with it most likely being Iguodala.

Adrian Beltre cup-checks Adam Jones as a reminder to never touch his head

Adrian Beltre got his 3,000th hit on Sunday, an absolutely amazing feat only achieved by 30 other players ever. If you are unfamiliar with Adrian Beltre, he is loved by everyone in baseball, and this clip encapsulates it perfectly.

Congratulating Beltre on his 3,000th career hit were the Baltimore Orioles, and mid-hug, Adam Jones committed the ultimate no-no with Beltre — touching his head.

The Rangers usually attempt to touch Beltre’s head after a home run or something, and it ends like they all do.

We’ve seen opponents successfully do it, and it usually ends with similar repercussions like we saw today. Nobody is safe!

We’ve also seen it end worse like when Beltre just said, ‘eff it,’ and threw his glove at someone for doing it.

The one rare exception in Beltre’s 20-year career was last year during Prince Fielder’s retirement announcement (single tear).

Beltre is a shrewd strategist sometimes, even when he’s being cheeky about things. One major example of this is his frequent referrals to the first base ump when he checks his swing. By jumping into action before the home plate official can say a word, he tries for the more sympathetic call immediately and hopes to turn things in his favor.

Even when it doesn’t work out though, his eagerness to get an answer Cheap Penguins Jerseys from the ump and the way he points down the first base line is a sight to see.

Beltre has hit for the cycle three times in his Cheap Online Jerseys career: once for Seattle and twice for the Rangers. However, the cycle he hit while playing for the Mariners actually happened against the Rangers in Arlington.

Patrick Peterson’s Hall of Fame aspirations will be amplified this week

The downside of playing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game for NFL veterans is a longer preseason.

The upside for Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson? The chance to visit the place that celebrates the all-time greats he hopes to someday join.

Even if he doesn’t play in Thursday night’s exhibition matchup against the Cowboys as a precautionary measure against injury, Peterson is excited about making the trip to Canton, Ohio, and the motivation that all the Hall’s trappings will provide.

Again, though: not a binding contract. If push comes to shove in 2021, and the NFL finds itself in a tough spot — say, if the ratings dip or loss of advertisers grows from a one-time aberration to an actual trend — there’s no reason to believe it won’t demand that 18-game season to recoup any possible losses.

Everything the players want to change, from contract structures to the weed policy to player discipline to, maybe, an unprecedented power play against Colin Kaepernick intended to send a message to the entire workforce … they’re all bargaining chips for one side or another.

The league isn’t going to just make a gift to the football world of cutting a game or two off the preseason. Not even as an olive branch to frustrated fans tired of paying hard-earned money for games that don’t count and Chinese Cheap Jerseys often hurt more than help.

Nobody can argue against the sentiment of a shorter preseason. The China Cheap Jerseys execution, though, is another story.

Rays catcher Wilson Ramos hit in head by broken bat

He’s also shown signs of wear and tear, with shoulder and knee injuries over the past three seasons. Those things, along with his usual drawbacks — he’s always been a ball-stopper, not a ball-mover, and doesn’t make teammates better — are reason enough for the Knicks to rebuild around second-year forward Kristaps Porzingis.

Porzingis has been Jackson’s signature move, and arguably, his only positive move since taking over the show in March of 2014. By winning Friday over the Hornets, the Knicks now would have to win 82 straight games to get back to .500 in the Jackson era. That’s how bad it’s been for fans of a team that hasn’t been to the playoffs since 2013.

The losing has been heightened by the Melo-Phil soap opera. On Jan. 12, long-time associate and conduit to Jackson’s thoughts Charley Rosen wrote a Knicks piece in Fanrag. Rosen, who wrote a Jackson diary of the 2016 season for ESPN, ended his scathing analysis of Melo’s play with this zinger:

Rays catcher Wilson Ramos left Monday’s game in the fifth inning after getting hit in the head by a broken bat.

After Orioles shortstop Ruben Tejada swung at a Cheap Jerseys Direct Coupon fastball from Rays pitcher Blake Snell, Tejada’s bat shattered. The detached barrell flew over Tejada’s shoulder and hit Ramos on the top of his head. Fortunately for Ramos, he was wearing a helmet, but the bat did press his mask into his Cheap Jerseys For Sale head and Ramos was taken out of the game to be treated for a cut on his forehead.

Odell Beckham Jr. visits young boy battling cancer

Giants star Odell Beckham Jr. squeezed in a good deed before training camp when he visited a young man battling a rare form of cancer.

Beckham made the trip to Amarillo, Texas, over the weekend to visit 9-year-old Jayro Ponce after the father of Giants center Weston Richburg shared a post from a local radio personality trying to help Jayro meet his favorite player.

Beckham responded, How could I make it happen? Then he made it happen.

Sources said the Bulls’ front office was most irate that Rondo revealed that the two stars were going against Hoiberg’s in-game plans. That, in itself, shows how Forman and others view Hoiberg, who is said to be firmly entrenched with three more years on his contract. Owner Jerry Reinsdorf is not a fan of paying off one coach while bringing in another, which might have a lot to do with Hoiberg’s security.

For the Miami game, the worst game Cheap Jerseys Borntrade we played all year, Hoiberg said, the Bulls benched Wade, along with Butler, for criticizing their teammates. In half of a season, Wade can already see that this is not the Heat, in more ways than one. There is a lack of accountability and there is not a culture of winning, compared to how Miami is run under Riley.

More than ever, after what transpired last week with Rondo, Wade will take a hard look at whether he should opt out of a contract that pays him close to $24 million next season. That would be a bold move for a first-ballot Hall of Famer who just turned 35, since even with his three championships, nobody is going Cheap Jerseys China Wholesale to match that money for one season.

Gary Kubiak rejoining Broncos as personnel advisor

Gary Kubiak is getting back in the saddle with the Broncos.

The former Denver coach has rejoined the franchise and will serve as senior personnel advisor, the team announced Tuesday.

That’s Brandon’s opinion and Brandon is a friend of mine, Josh McCown said, via I love him and he’s entitled to his opinion. I wish him the best at the Giants. We’ve got a direction we’re headed and excited about. I really don’t pay too much attention to it just because guys have different opinions about things, and that’s his. I don’t agree with it, but as a friend, hey, I respect it.

Marshall and McCown played on the Bears together, have remained friends, despite Marshall’s caustic exit from Chicago.

McCown has an uphill battle with the Jets, who were at the bottom of the AFC East standings with a 5-11 record last year. He will also be competing against Christian Hackenburg and Bryce Petty for the starting quarterback position.

The Bucs should be happy to have seen Mike Glennon leave, because by the nature of his Bears contract, he was more of a disappointed former starter than willing backup. It looked for a while like the team would be OK with Ryan Griffin as the No. 2, but it was smart to add well-traveled Ryan Fitzpatrick to be the Cheap Houston Rockets Jerseys top short-term reserve.

After Fitzpatrick looked and couldn’t find a starting gig away from the Jets, he landed in a strong role behind Winston. He will still have a noticeable influence on the offensive side of the locker room, and he’ll provide Cheap Ireland Football Jerseys one of the league’s best insurance plans in a scheme suited to his strengths.

As for Winston, he’s proved to be a very durable young gun through his first 32 games. Between Koetter and Fitzpatrick, he’s got the ideal direct support to keep pushing forward as a passer.

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich reportedly left a $5,000 dinner tip in Memphis

Gregg Popovich is an extremely good tipper, and every waiter and waitress in America should work tirelessly to get him inside the door. Maybe.

According to a Reddit user, the Spurs coach left a $5,000 tip on an $815 dinner bill at McEwen’s Memphis. The Spurs are in the middle of a first-round NBA Western Conference playoff series vs. the Grizzlies, which is tied 2-2. Game 5 is Tuesday night in San Antonio.

The basketball hall-of-famer and TNT NBA analyst Cheap Cycling Jerseys is one of the most brazenly loquacious figures in all of sports. Now, he plans to use his propensity to pontificate to spark and lead a national conversation on race aimed at producing solutions, according to Shadow & Act.

American Race, a two-night television event will premier May 11, running from 9-11 p.m. ET. Part 2 will air the following night, occupying the same time slot.

Barkley will hit various spots throughout the country, initiating and engaging in conversation with folks from various ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds in hopes of building mutual understanding among those on different ends of the spectrum as it relates to race. The show promises to tackle topics such as police brutality, stereotyping in media and the plight of Muslims in America. Viewers Cheap Denver Broncos Jerseys can also expect to see how Barkley’s views are challenged as a result of the talks.