Skycam view that saved Patriots-Falcons telecast not expected to become the norm

Who says all technology is bad? NBC Sports’ Skycam technology saved the day during the network’s Week 7 telecast of Patriots-Falcons on “Sunday Night Football.”

A thick fog settled over Gillette Stadium during the second half of the Patriots’ 23-7 win Sunday night, rendering the usual high, sideline TV angle used by NFL broadcasts virtually useless. Thinking quickly, NBC decided to show the game mostly through its Skycam, the remote-controlled camera system that swoops in behind players via wires strung across the playing field.

Bowman wasn’t content with learning just the basics of the Raiders defensive schemes, even though he had less than 72 hours to cram before Oakland’s game against Kansas City last week. He and linebackers coach Sal Sunseri worked overtime to get Bowman ready.

She could hear my coaches and [teammates] talking in the background but she said it was fine. When she needed to grab my hand to get through a contraction for 30 seconds, I was there—and I had my iPad next to me, looking at cut-ups, in between. I think our doula thought that was weird. She wanted me a little more present. But Julie understood.

Cousins said Cooper was born 11 days late, but if he could have waited a little bit longer, he would have been born on the Redskins bye week and all this could have been avoided.

Timberlake announced the news via Twitter. He had some help from Jimmy Fallon.

A new Timberlake album is expected to be released in early 2018, according New York Jets Cheap Jerseys to Variety. That makes the timing of Timberlake’s Super Bowl halftime performance ideal.

The NFL reportedly asked Jay Z to perform, but he declined. Other NBA Jerseys Cheap artists who were rumored to be considered were Britney Spears, Pink, Justin Bieber, the Foo Fighters, Rihanna, and Ed Sheeran.

Shane Ray to come off IR on Monday, start vs. Chiefs

The calendar Denver Broncos linebacker Shane Ray has in his locker to mark off each day until his return from injured reserve is in its final days.

“I’m so ready to help our defense,” Ray said. “I’ve been working, I’ve kept my conditioning up, I’ve been running the whole time.”

NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart said he expects Kaepernick will Detroit Tigers Cheap Jerseys be invited, although there is no confirmation whether he would attend the meeting. The invitation will be extended by the players, not the league, Lockhart said on the league’s weekly conference call.

Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins invited Kaepernick to a special meeting between NFL owners and players Oct. 17 in New York. That meeting included 13 current or former players, plus 11 owners and representatives from the league and the NFL Players Association.

If college football had an MVP award, some of the nation’s top players would have made their case Saturday.

The Broncos’ offense ran and passed on empty in Sunday’s 21-0 loss to the Chargers. With it, all the good vibes Denver had after it beat the same team in Week 1 are long gone.

Before Week 7, Denver had not been shut out by anybody in nearly 25 years. Since exploding for 42 points against the Cowboys in Week 2, the Broncos have scored 42 points — total — in the past four games, three of them listless losses.

At 3-3, the Broncos have not faded out of AFC playoff contention, especially with the Chiefs (5-2) having dropped two in a row, as well, and the Kobe Bryant Cheap Jerseys Raiders (3-4) and Chargers (3-4) still behind them in the West. They still boast the best defense in the division.

But it will continue to be a grind for Denver to score enough points without the defense setting up short fields or scoring itself.