Your guide to Tuesday’s NLDS game: Can the Cubs eliminate the Nationals?

As engaged as Falvey and Levine were, they drew a bold line when it came to on-field decisions, which Molitor appreciated.

“I’ve never felt meddled in, in terms of how I ran a game, my pitching staff, who I decided to play on a given day,” Molitor said. “I was given total freedom to do that. And I think that’s important for a manager and his staff to have those decisions stay within the clubhouse.”

The Twins did part ways with pitching coach Neil Allen, but Molitor said he expected the rest of his coaching staff to return next season. The Twins also announced that Jeremy Zoll, a 27-year-old from the Los Angeles Dodgers, was hired as the new director of minor league operations. He replaces Brad Steil, who is moving to director of professional scouting.

Baker said he didn’t want to put an extra man on base “at that point in the game. … We thought Perez could do the job — and he did the job. It’s just that he found a hole.

“That ball is kind of in never-never land out there,” Baker added, almost wistful, a moment later, “between three merging players on our team.”

That kind of luck is nothing new for Baker, at least not during his three-year managing stint in Chicago. He was at the helm when the Cubs took a three-games-to-two lead against the Marlins in the 2003 NLCS, only to have a fan named Steve Bartman stick out his glove trying to catch a foul ball — and everyone knows how that turned out.

Baker took some heat for not trying to steady his team while there was still time. The Cubs lost that game and the next one and he has been booed on occasion.

“I’ve got a bunch of homies here, so I’ve got some backup,” he Cheap College Jerseys laughed before the game. “I feel very safe wherever I go. I mean it’s always nice to come to Cheap Donegal Gaa Jerseys Chicago. I’ve enjoyed coming here for years and years.”

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