He should have fresh legs and maybe even some better technique as he heads into this season.

To me, he was just getting his feet wet last year, having been thrown into the fire after Watt was injured and no longer able to go. Covington ended up with 26 total tackles and a sack last season in five starts out of 16 games, and he probably had no idea what he was doing half the time. The more he was out there, the more confidently he played. By season’s end, Covington looked like he belonged as a starter.

Now it appears that Covington will now start opposite of J.J. Watt as a defensive tackle in the Texans’ 3-4 defense, which should give him even more opportunities to make plays. If Covington is able to carry over the swagger he was playing with at the end of last season to this season, he should become even more of a playmaker for Houston this year.

Coming out, I had him pegged as a 3-technique. Even with the little bit of playing time he’s had so far, I think that assessment is still spot on. In his rookie season, I saw flashes of him getting into the backfield on running plays and beating guards with good moves as a pass rusher as well. But he wasn’t able to build on that last year, unfortunately.

On the bright side, not playing last season likely gave his body a chance to heal up a bit without having any surgeries to recover from, so he should be as healthy as he has Cheap Lakers Jerseys been since being drafted. He also should be a little bit stronger and faster after spending all last Cheap Kids Jerseys NHL season lifting and running instead of going out there and getting run down with practice and games.

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