Fox Sports hires Michael Vick as analyst

Michael Vick is joining FOX as a studio analyst, according to USA Today, after spending part of his summer as a coaching intern with the Kansas City Chiefs. Vick will reportedly appear on FOX NFL Kickoff, the show that leads into FOX NFL Sunday, and will also appear at times on Fox Sports 1 studio shows.

Vick has been a model teammate and citizen for the last eight years, but his 2007 federal imprisonment for his involvement in a dog fighting ring still makes him a very controversial figure.

Richie then comes down the line of scrimmage flat, which helps set up his block on the linebacker. If a lineman releases for a screen and heads up the field first, they often have trouble getting flat again to block the force defender. Come out flat, then up. Keeps the defender on his outside half. It’s beautiful.

The second block is from Gabe Jackson. The Raiders offensive line is nasty, and they are bound to get someone on this reel once a week. Gabe straight up disrespecting the defensive lineman by sitting on top of him. LOL!

Lastly, I had to show some love to a skill player this week. That Cheap Jerseys Paypal Free Shipping guy is Chiefs rookie running back Kareem Hunt selling out his body to cut TWO defenders! Some backs don’t want to get into the mix, so it’s awesome seeing a rookie throw his body around. Alex Smith doesn’t throw this ball without that cut block.

The Most Disrespectful Block of the Week is a weekly Cheap Jerseys Stitched series that will run at SB Nation throughout the NFL season.

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