Alabama’s in the middle of the greatest run ever

One would think it would be on the latter side. The sport has been dominated by a power elite, such that feudal analogies are appropriate. Recruiting allows the best teams to perpetuate their advantages. There is no salary cap or draft to even out talent, and the prohibition on paying players prevents the sugar-daddy phenomenon that allows European soccer clubs like PSG, Chelsea, and Manchester City to upset the established order.

But for reasons we’ll discuss, it rarely works like that. Alabama’s in the middle of the greatest run ever, but college football still looks nothing like the old Celtics-Lakers rivalry.

“You see the headline stuff, ‘Calvin Roberts wants to make a comeback.’ I said ‘wait a second, that can’t be my Calvin Roberts,’” Warkentein told SB Nation. “I’m 64-years-old. I coached him when I was in my early 20s. So yeah, I took notice very quick.”

Warkentein said the Knicks had already assembled their roster for Orlando Summer League when he became aware of his former player’s efforts. While he says the Knicks are “always looking to get better, so [they] can never eliminate anything,” he didn’t exactly seem convinced that Roberts could help his team.

At this point, we know what Monta Ellis is: He’s a hooper, here to get buckets. Ellis is a volume scorer, a role that’s decreased in value over the years. Indiana waived him this Victor Cruz Cheap Jerseys summer, but he can still latch on elsewhere. The veteran guard could be of help off Packers Cheap Jerseys the bench for a team looking to stay competitive but not competing for a championship.

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