With Anquan Boldin and Zay Jones, Bills finally get legit for Tyrod Taylor

Anquan Boldin became the newest Buffalo Bill on Monday — something that should make Tyrod Taylor the happiest Buffalo Bill.

In his two rather successful seasons as the Bills’ starting quarterback, Taylor has had to “manufacture” a passing offense for one of the NFL’s run-heaviest teams. It’s no surprise, considering he had pass offense-clueless Rex Ryan as his coach for his first two seasons in Buffalo. Throwing the ball all over the field and having legitimate wide receivers all around was totally ignored.

“I did something financially and unsound when I bought the Dallas Cowboys, and I knew it,” Jones added. “And I knew my family, and my generation of grandchildren, were going to be talking some day about that double idiot that had a chance to make our lives different, but he spent it all wanting to coach football.”

Jones poked at Johnson a couple of times during Saturday’s induction speech, but he also tossed plenty of love toward his old Arkansas teammate. He said replacing the iconic Tom Landry with Johnson, who had never coached in the NFL, in 1989 was a “great decision” and one validated when the Cowboys won consecutive Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993.

“You were a great teammate. You were a great partner to the contrary Create Cheap Jerseys of popular belief,” Jones said during his speech. “We Cycling Cheap Jerseys worked so well together for five years and restored the Cowboys;’ credibility with our fans. We were back-to-back, we were driven, we had thick skin. We took all the criticism they could dish out. I thank you.”

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