Patrick Peterson’s Hall of Fame aspirations will be amplified this week

The downside of playing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game for NFL veterans is a longer preseason.

The upside for Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson? The chance to visit the place that celebrates the all-time greats he hopes to someday join.

Even if he doesn’t play in Thursday night’s exhibition matchup against the Cowboys as a precautionary measure against injury, Peterson is excited about making the trip to Canton, Ohio, and the motivation that all the Hall’s trappings will provide.

Again, though: not a binding contract. If push comes to shove in 2021, and the NFL finds itself in a tough spot — say, if the ratings dip or loss of advertisers grows from a one-time aberration to an actual trend — there’s no reason to believe it won’t demand that 18-game season to recoup any possible losses.

Everything the players want to change, from contract structures to the weed policy to player discipline to, maybe, an unprecedented power play against Colin Kaepernick intended to send a message to the entire workforce … they’re all bargaining chips for one side or another.

The league isn’t going to just make a gift to the football world of cutting a game or two off the preseason. Not even as an olive branch to frustrated fans tired of paying hard-earned money for games that don’t count and Chinese Cheap Jerseys often hurt more than help.

Nobody can argue against the sentiment of a shorter preseason. The China Cheap Jerseys execution, though, is another story.

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