Adrian Beltre cup-checks Adam Jones as a reminder to never touch his head

Adrian Beltre got his 3,000th hit on Sunday, an absolutely amazing feat only achieved by 30 other players ever. If you are unfamiliar with Adrian Beltre, he is loved by everyone in baseball, and this clip encapsulates it perfectly.

Congratulating Beltre on his 3,000th career hit were the Baltimore Orioles, and mid-hug, Adam Jones committed the ultimate no-no with Beltre — touching his head.

The Rangers usually attempt to touch Beltre’s head after a home run or something, and it ends like they all do.

We’ve seen opponents successfully do it, and it usually ends with similar repercussions like we saw today. Nobody is safe!

We’ve also seen it end worse like when Beltre just said, ‘eff it,’ and threw his glove at someone for doing it.

The one rare exception in Beltre’s 20-year career was last year during Prince Fielder’s retirement announcement (single tear).

Beltre is a shrewd strategist sometimes, even when he’s being cheeky about things. One major example of this is his frequent referrals to the first base ump when he checks his swing. By jumping into action before the home plate official can say a word, he tries for the more sympathetic call immediately and hopes to turn things in his favor.

Even when it doesn’t work out though, his eagerness to get an answer Cheap Penguins Jerseys from the ump and the way he points down the first base line is a sight to see.

Beltre has hit for the cycle three times in his Cheap Online Jerseys career: once for Seattle and twice for the Rangers. However, the cycle he hit while playing for the Mariners actually happened against the Rangers in Arlington.

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