Jon Lester gave up 10 runs in a brutal first inning vs. the Pirates

The Cubs are bad. We’re speaking generally here, but they were particularly bad on Sunday against the Pirates. This is what the score looked like before the bottom of the first inning:

There was no team that did as much, no team that Cheap Vintage Hockey Jerseys has as much to show from the deadline, no team that executed their plans so faithfully. The White Sox looked like they were starting at a disadvantage, with Quintana’s season not going according to plan and Todd Frazier hitting close to the Mendoza Line again.

Instead, the Cubs were willing to pretend that the first three months of the season didn’t happen. The Yankees were willing to take David Robertson’s contract (or most of it) as part of a Tommy Kahnle tax and still give up some of their better prospects. The best part might have been the White Sox getting value from pitchers like Dan Jennings and Anthony Swarzak, the latter of whom was signed this spring as a minor league free agent.

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I was bleating that the White Sox needed to contend, not rebuild, for the last two years. In a way, the bounty of prospects sort of proves my point — there’s a reason why they got so much back, and it’s because of the talent that went out. On the other hand, if you had told me that they were going Cheap Volleyball Jerseys For Women to nail each and every one of their trades …

Ice Cube singing ‘Take Me Out To The Ballgame’ at Wrigley Field is something you didn’t know you needed

As BIG3 basketball made it way to Chicago over the weekend, Ice Cube hung out at Wrigley Field for the Cubs’ game against the Cardinals, and had the honor to sing “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” during the seventh-inning stretch. Many celebrities, including Cube’s friend Warren G, have gone through this tradition, and “your mileage may vary” is a general rule every time a famous person sings, although no one can do as badly as Ozzy Osbourne’s rendition.

Over 12 hours before the trade was announced, KatyPerrysBootyHole went to r/whitesox to hear if anyone had heard murmurs of the trade. At the time nobody had, writing it off as rumor — when wetbutt23 rolled in, the source of the information, other Redditors needled him for extra information.

Just two butts. One famous, one wet — hanging out on Reddit discussing the biggest trade of the day for all the world to see. The incredible thing about internet trade rumors as they become more prevalent is that we might end up seeing Reddit names get official credit — which would be incredible.

I looked through KatyPerrysBootyHole’s history Cheap UK Basketball Jerseys to see if there were any other big-name trades that got broken, but alas, no. The Quintana trade was the first in a sea of fantasy baseball advice and random big-league chatter.

For now we can just appreciate that for one day, frozen in time, two butts Cheap USA Soccer Jerseys had the news everyone else wanted.

This Phillies fan is drinking 2 beers at the same damn time

Going to a baseball game in the evening after work can be one of the best ways to relax after a particularly tough day. For a few innings, you can brush aside dumb tensions from the overly air-conditioned office filled with people you’d rather not interact with and mellow out with the sight of verdant field, a competitive game, and a nice adult beverage.

Still, a lot has to go right for that to happen. Maybe the weather won’t match up to your idealized expectation or worse — the game can be bad. It’s not the end of the world and there are ways to balance things out to where you can still chill. You can grab an extra beer that you otherwise wouldn’t have had.

If you’re a member of the half of the population that might be um … extra affected by this clip, you’ve been warned.

Well, first of all, ow. Secondly, Guerrero stands at 6’4 and the effortlessness with which he drops into a full split from that height while still focusing on the ball is more than impressive.

On one level, it’s hard not to keep watching the play on a loop just Cheap Retro Jerseys NBA to watch him somehow pull it off over and over again. It’s downright hypnotic. On another, watching that last split-second where he hesitates to figure out how to get out of that specific position is also very painful and that’s hard to ignore.

Hopefully Guerrero isn’t too sore from these heroics in the morning Cheap Rugby Jerseys New Zealand and didn’t actually pull anything. As the Fisher Cats themselves pointed out, this is why you should always, always, stretch.

The only thing better than an inside-the-park grand slam is when it ends with a slide into home

Inside-the-park home runs are rare. Inside-the-park grand slams? Even more so. Inside-the-park grand slams with a suspenseful slide at the end? So fun to watch, and the most rare.

That’s what Phillies prospect J.P. Crawford did on Thursday night, rounding the bases and sliding into home just in the nick of time.

The height of the hit helped his trip around the bases, and if the exit arc of the ball were straightened out just a little that ball would have probably been over the fence and gone.

Instead, it pinged off the wall and jumped back into the outfield, forcing the center fielder to chase after it before trying for the out.

The slide at the end is less a smooth slide and more a pause-and-plop situation, but hey, whatever works for you to touch the plate before the ball touches you. It doesn’t have to be pretty, it just has to score a run.

Once, Beltre tore a testicle after a ball hit him right in the…well…testicle. He stayed in the game for the duration and then afterward checked things out and said that his testicle was the size of a grapefruit. Later, he confirmed that it took two whole weeks for it to shrink back to its normal size. (He was put on the 15-day disabled list at the time.)

Media reports described it as “severely bruised,” and Cheap Quality Baseball Jerseys surgery was even considered to get things back as they are supposed to be down Cheap Raider Jerseys there, to put it gently.

But staying in the game and talking openly about the severity of his testicle issues wasn’t even the most Beltre part of this: That would be the fact that after the incident, he continued to refrain from wearing a protective cup.

Adrian Beltre cup-checks Adam Jones as a reminder to never touch his head

Adrian Beltre got his 3,000th hit on Sunday, an absolutely amazing feat only achieved by 30 other players ever. If you are unfamiliar with Adrian Beltre, he is loved by everyone in baseball, and this clip encapsulates it perfectly.

Congratulating Beltre on his 3,000th career hit were the Baltimore Orioles, and mid-hug, Adam Jones committed the ultimate no-no with Beltre — touching his head.

The Rangers usually attempt to touch Beltre’s head after a home run or something, and it ends like they all do.

We’ve seen opponents successfully do it, and it usually ends with similar repercussions like we saw today. Nobody is safe!

We’ve also seen it end worse like when Beltre just said, ‘eff it,’ and threw his glove at someone for doing it.

The one rare exception in Beltre’s 20-year career was last year during Prince Fielder’s retirement announcement (single tear).

Beltre is a shrewd strategist sometimes, even when he’s being cheeky about things. One major example of this is his frequent referrals to the first base ump when he checks his swing. By jumping into action before the home plate official can say a word, he tries for the more sympathetic call immediately and hopes to turn things in his favor.

Even when it doesn’t work out though, his eagerness to get an answer Cheap Penguins Jerseys from the ump and the way he points down the first base line is a sight to see.

Beltre has hit for the cycle three times in his Cheap Online Jerseys career: once for Seattle and twice for the Rangers. However, the cycle he hit while playing for the Mariners actually happened against the Rangers in Arlington.

Josh Norman says NFL’s ‘bow-and-arrow’ celebration ban all about him

While the NFL has loosened its hard stance on celebrations, one type that will still not be allowed is what the league determines simulated violence.

That includes the shooting of an imaginary bow and arrow.

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman, who was flagged and fined $10,000 last season for pretending to shoot a bow and arrow following an interception, said the ban is just for him.

“You’re just picking on one person here,” Norman said, via ESPN. “[Brandin] Cooks has been doing it for years, and now all of a sudden you want to quit and stop it? Why is that?

The 22-year-old picked fights with wide receivers Steve Smith and DeAndre Hopkins, called an entire crew of officials “homers,” and broke down on the sideline when he got sick and tired of the Jaguars losing.

Ramsey backs up the hype. He’s a 6’1, 209-pound bully at the position. He’s among the best cornerbacks against the run and has the speed to lock down the NFL’s fastest receivers.

It’s those skills paired with his attitude that makes him impossible to ignore and one of the most fun players in the league.

After the Jaguars lost to the Baltimore Ravens New Nike NFL Jerseys, 19-17, in Week 3, Ramsey told reporters he was the one who got into New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys the five-time Pro Bowl receiver’s head:

Smith responded on Twitter and on ESPN; Ramsey responded on Instagram. Feel free to decide if Smith’s eight receptions for 87 yards makes him the winner, or pick who looked better in the postgame exchanges. But does it matter?

Jason Taylor knows more MACtion awaits Pro Football Hall of Fame

Jason Taylor enjoyed the culmination of a career in which he totaled 139.5 sacks over 15 seasons when he was enshrined in the Pro Football Hall of Fame on Saturday.

That career began as a three-year starter and two-sport star at Akron in the Mid-American Conference from 1993-96. Taylor hasn’t forgotten those roots. When the MAC held its Media Days at the Pro Football Hall of Fame from July 25-26, Taylor spoke to the players in attendance.

Gase also worked with Cutler for the 2015 season in Chicago. Cutler, who threw for 3,659 yards with 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions with Gase as the Bears offensive coordinator, stepped away from football in May but insists he still wants to play. While Cutler waits for another NFL opportunity, he will work as an NFL analyst for Fox.

Tannehill’s left knee buckled during a scramble Thursday morning and the Sun Sentinel reported he suffered a hyperextended left knee. He was later seen walking into the Dolphins training facility with a slight limp.

Tannehill missed the final three games of the regular season and the Dolphins’ playoff loss to Pittsburgh after spraining ligaments New England Patriots Cheap Jerseys in his left knee. He has been wearing a brace on the knee during camp.

Last year’s injury was a first for Tannehill, who NBA Basketball Jerseys had started all 77 games for the Dolphins since being selected eighth overall in the 2012 NFL Draft. Tannehill has thrown for 18,455 yards with 106 touchdowns and 66 interceptions in five seasons.

Ranking the 26 modern-era quarterbacks in Pro Football Hall of Fame

Kurt Warner on Saturday will become the latest quarterback to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, marking the second straight year a quarterback who started in the 1990s will be the headliner.

Warner once backed up Brett Favre, who was inducted last year. That will beg the question …

Where does Warner rank among the all-time greats? The Pro Football Hall of Fame has 26 modern-era quarterbacks listed, starting with Bob Waterfield and running through Warner. Quarterbacks are a source of endless debate, and Sporting News is happy to contribute to that conversation.

“Most of the time, the quarterback is throwing it to a spot,” Howard said. “It’s on the receiver to get to the spot and go get the ball. So a lot of times it’s just spots you get to, and you know Andrew, he’s going to put it there every time.”

The players at other positions can work on individual techniques — in fact, they must pay particular attention to details of the game so they can concentrate on those elements requiring cooperation and chemistry when Luck returns.

Left tackle Anthony Castonzo, a fixture on the Colts’ line through most of this decade, said Tolzien has a command of the huddle, and that’s really the only variable at the moment regarding who’s behind him at QB. Castonzo said Luck’s absence Denver Broncos Cheap Jerseys does not affect his preparation for the season.

“I’ve got to prepare to do my job regardless of who’s back Direct Cheap Jerseys there,” Castonzo said. “Honestly, I can’t even think about that.”

With Anquan Boldin and Zay Jones, Bills finally get legit for Tyrod Taylor

Anquan Boldin became the newest Buffalo Bill on Monday — something that should make Tyrod Taylor the happiest Buffalo Bill.

In his two rather successful seasons as the Bills’ starting quarterback, Taylor has had to “manufacture” a passing offense for one of the NFL’s run-heaviest teams. It’s no surprise, considering he had pass offense-clueless Rex Ryan as his coach for his first two seasons in Buffalo. Throwing the ball all over the field and having legitimate wide receivers all around was totally ignored.

“I did something financially and unsound when I bought the Dallas Cowboys, and I knew it,” Jones added. “And I knew my family, and my generation of grandchildren, were going to be talking some day about that double idiot that had a chance to make our lives different, but he spent it all wanting to coach football.”

Jones poked at Johnson a couple of times during Saturday’s induction speech, but he also tossed plenty of love toward his old Arkansas teammate. He said replacing the iconic Tom Landry with Johnson, who had never coached in the NFL, in 1989 was a “great decision” and one validated when the Cowboys won consecutive Super Bowls in 1992 and 1993.

“You were a great teammate. You were a great partner to the contrary Create Cheap Jerseys of popular belief,” Jones said during his speech. “We Cycling Cheap Jerseys worked so well together for five years and restored the Cowboys;’ credibility with our fans. We were back-to-back, we were driven, we had thick skin. We took all the criticism they could dish out. I thank you.”

Patrick Peterson’s Hall of Fame aspirations will be amplified this week

The downside of playing in the Pro Football Hall of Fame Game for NFL veterans is a longer preseason.

The upside for Cardinals cornerback Patrick Peterson? The chance to visit the place that celebrates the all-time greats he hopes to someday join.

Even if he doesn’t play in Thursday night’s exhibition matchup against the Cowboys as a precautionary measure against injury, Peterson is excited about making the trip to Canton, Ohio, and the motivation that all the Hall’s trappings will provide.

Again, though: not a binding contract. If push comes to shove in 2021, and the NFL finds itself in a tough spot — say, if the ratings dip or loss of advertisers grows from a one-time aberration to an actual trend — there’s no reason to believe it won’t demand that 18-game season to recoup any possible losses.

Everything the players want to change, from contract structures to the weed policy to player discipline to, maybe, an unprecedented power play against Colin Kaepernick intended to send a message to the entire workforce … they’re all bargaining chips for one side or another.

The league isn’t going to just make a gift to the football world of cutting a game or two off the preseason. Not even as an olive branch to frustrated fans tired of paying hard-earned money for games that don’t count and Chinese Cheap Jerseys often hurt more than help.

Nobody can argue against the sentiment of a shorter preseason. The China Cheap Jerseys execution, though, is another story.