Isaiah Thomas’ last 24 hours have not been easy after flying cross-country for sister’s funeral

The Boston Celtics only had one day’s worth of rest in between their first- and second-round playoff series. That minibreak was even shorter for Isaiah Thomas, who traveled cross-country and back in the last 48 hours to be with his family for his sister’s funeral.

Just a day before Game 1 of Boston’s first-round series against the New York Giants Cheap Jerseys Chicago Bulls, Thomas’ sister, Chyna, passed away in an automobile accident in Washington state. Thomas played the next day, somehow mustering the strength to score 33 points on 55 percent shooting.

This is the what we were waiting for this entire time in the Rockets-Thunder series. Game 1 was fine, and Game 2 gave us things to talk about, but Game 3 was thrills from front to end. Oklahoma City led most of Game 3 on Friday, but Houston kept eating into the deficit over and over again. With less than a minute left, James Harden tied the game. On the next possession, Steven Adams tipped in a Westbrook shot that ended up giving them the decisive advantage.

The game swayed back and forth between players shooting free throws, and a couple crucial Westbrook misses gave us all the drama we needed. It ended on a missed Harden three right here, which could have ended the game and the Thunder’s playoff hopes had it splashed in.
Put Russell Westbrook and James Harden duking it out continuously at this level, and I could watch it for days.

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