the Raiders used their second round pick on Derek Carr.

The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up the preseason Thursday night against the Tennessee Titans. Alex Smith has already been named the Week 1 starting quarterback and didn’t play in this game, so first-round rookie Patrick Mahomes got the start.

Mahomes played the entire first half and shredded the Titans’ secondary with some absolutely beautiful rainbow passes. Here’s his first big highlight of the game.

He puts some seasoned ground beef in the shell, loads it up with delicious, imaginary toppings, and gently places the pretend taco in each teammate’s hands.

Our only critique of Charlton’s taco-making is that he didn’t give his teammates anything to drink. They’re definitely going to be thirsty, and Charlton also has an endorsement from Big Red soda. There’s a missed opportunity.

Setting aside the lack of Big Red, Charlton seems to have some natural talent for taco-making. If things don’t work out in the NFL for Charlton — and right now they’re looking like they Cheap Jerseys NHL will — perhaps he could be a taco chef instead.

In 2014, the Raiders used their second round pick on Derek Carr. Usually you Cheap Jerseys Mastercard would figure that means a team has a player in their plans, but Carr wasn’t so sure about that.

He had made his first start in the team’s final preseason game that year against the Seattle Seahawks, throwing for three touchdowns on 11 of 13 passes with a near perfect 152.1 passer rating.