So Watt decided he would help as much as he can.

Head coach Sean McDermott raised some uncertainty about Taylor’s status, saying earlier in the week that it was “up in the air” as to whether he’d play Sunday. Fifth-round rookie Nathan Peterman would’ve gotten the start if Taylor wasn’t cleared to play.

The team announced Tuesday that T.J. Yates will go an injured reserve, leaving recently acquired Joe Webb as the only other option after Taylor and Peterman. Getting Taylor back in time for the opener is a big relief for the Bills.

Watt tweeted a video in which he talked about the storm and the horrific flooding and damage in Houston:

“It’s very difficult, not only because we have family and friends back there,” Watt said. “Some guys have young kids. Some guys have wives and families. But that’s our city. It’s very tough to watch your city get hit by such a bad storm and not be there to help.”

Of course, Fisher was fired in December last year, and Dickerson said he was willing to attend Rams games again. “I’ll go to a game, of course I will. I said I wouldn’t go back as long as Jeff Fisher is coach so I’ll go back to a game.”

Now that Fisher is out, and everything appears to be good and well Cheap Queensland Jerseys between him and the Rams, Dickerson can retire a Ram. Even if he Cheap Reversible Basketball Jerseys did go into the Hall of Fame 18 years ago.

It wasn’t an unexpected result: Mitrione entered the night as the slight betting favorite. But it would have been unfathomable just eight or so years ago, before Mitrione and others blazed a trail for former football players to try their hand at mixed martial arts.

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