Leonard Fournette ran a 4.51 40-yard dash at the NFL Combine

Former LSU running back Leonard Fournette ran a speedy 4.51, 40-yard dash at the NFL draft combine on Friday. He ran a 4.52 on his second attempt.

The 240-pound projected first-round pick was about as quick as we thought he’d be despite weighing in a bit heavier than anticipated.

Here it is again, from another angle.


The best part is Pat Connaughton standing there under the net, watching helplessly as the ball makes its way through the hoop to the floor, following it with his head.

It’s been a big week for full-court plays. Northwestern’s full court pass and buzzer beater is something we’ll remember for a long time.

Jared Sullinger: Phoenix waived Sullinger after getting him back as part of the P.J. Tucker deal. Obviously, the five-year veteran was just a fill-in for that deal, and there’s a good chance he’ll end up somewhere else. Sullinger proved he could score the basketball in Boston, but his career 27 percent three-point shooting might limit his usefulness for contending teams.

Mike Scott: Another player who briefly ended up with the Suns before being waived, Scott may be out of the league this year. However, if anyone wants to take a chance on the 28-year-old power forward who shot 29 percent from the field this season, he’s available.

As the Premier League became the hashtag Eee Pee Ell, Shearer became Shearer: surprise title-winner; serial snubber of Manchester United; and ultimately record-setter. The Sky Sportsification of English footballing history is annoying and at times vaguely sinister. But Shearer, despite his pleasantly old-fashioned playing style, is iconic not just of Blackburn and Newcastle but of the Premier League Years, and it’s futile to pretend otherwise.12

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